Do I need to use International Cartridges or brand specific? | Pure Pens

Do I need to use International Cartridges or brand specific?

If you want to use ink cartridges in your pen it will either require an international standard type or a manufacturer's specific model. Below are lists of each to help you out.
September 27, 2021 — Ross Adams
Fountain Pen Buying Guide | Pure Pens

Fountain Pen Buying Guide

Fountain pens are the traditional type of pen and give the widest range of colour, materials and price. Most will have ink cartridges available to fit them but BE AWARE than some makes require you to buy their own cartridge as universal ones will not fit.

September 03, 2021 — Ross Adams
Fountain Pen Inks: Standard, Waterproof or Iron Gall? | Pure Pens

Fountain Pen Inks: Standard, Waterproof or Iron Gall?

Throughout history, we’ve relied on the scribes of ancient figures to tell us the stories and actions of our forbearers. One thing those historical artifacts and pieces of writing have in common is they have been to put to paper with an indelible ink.
September 03, 2021 — Ross Adams
Platinum | Pure Pens


One of Japan's oldest and most recognised fountain pen brands was founded by Shunichi Nakata in 1919. They started out as a catalogue order business before being formally established as 'Platinum Fountain Pen Company' in 1942.  Early on, they developed the 'A-Type' fountain pen mechanism before moving into the world of affordable, domestic pens.
August 20, 2021 — Ross Adams
Colorverse | Pure Pens


Made in Korea, Colorverse is created by a group of makers with years of knowhow. The inks are treated for hydration and antibacterial properties, so they don't dry or deteriorate easily in pens. It is also designed to maintain the optimal pH balance of 7-8 (neutral). The ink writes smoothly in various kinds of pens and dries quickly on paper.
August 20, 2021 — Ross Adams
Parker | Pure Pens


An American producer of writing instruments, Parker was established in 1888, and now see their production solely based in France. Their range is perhaps one of the widest on the markets, with their two most iconic models still in production today. From the everyday, yet plush feeling Jotter, to the up-market and breath-taking Duofold, Parker has certainly covered all bases.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
Diamine | Pure Pens


One of a diminishing number of UK-based ink producers, Diamine really are a jewel in the crown of the British fountain pen market. Established in 1864 in Liverpool, the company has continually remained loyal to their roots and still produce organic inks with a hands-on, careful approach.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
TWSBI | Pure Pens


After manufacturing for other companies around the globe for over 50 years, it was decided they would produce pens for themselves and so TWSBI was born. The company had extensive experience of working with metals and plastics, from toy parts to high end writing instruments. This gave them all the knowledge to create every component TWSBI has to offer.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
Ferris Wheel Press | Pure Pens

Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press is a design and stationery company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada.  They started out making fine stationery products around 10 years ago, constantly seeking innovation and refinement.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
J. Herbin | Pure Pens

J. Herbin

J Herbin is named after a French sailor called Jacques Herbin who made many journeys to India. He brought back a knowledge of the formulas for producing sealing waxes and inks.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
Visit our shop in South Wales | Pure Pens

Visit our shop in South Wales

We have been selling online since 2004 and have customers all over the world, but just because we are predominately an online mail-order shop, we do welcome people coming in person to see and test out pens and inks they are interested in buying.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams
Pelikan Hanover Factory Visit | Pure Pens

Pelikan Hanover Factory Visit

We have visited the Pelikan factory three times in the 15 years we have been dealing with Pelikan and after the first trip, we wrote about our visit.
July 05, 2021 — Ross Adams