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Retro 51 Halloween Sleepy Hollow Limited Edition

Retro 51 Sleepy Hollow Limited Edition Tornado Popper Rollerball | Pure Pens Specialist Stationery Shop

Ross Adams |

Here is a Halloween throwback to 2021 when Retro 51 released the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Limited Edition Tornado Popper Rollerball.

This spooky looking pen was limited to just 1031 (the date of All Hallows' Eve) items and the great looking design of this pen only helped in it selling out very quickly, supposedly within the hour!

It features an orange lacquered barrel with black etchings of the Headless Horseman and Jack-o-Lanterns. Best of all it glows in the dark! Each pen is etched with it's limited edition number and has a pumpkin disc on the pen clicker.

Both the rollerball pen and matching outer packaging are inspired by 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow', an 1820 short story by Washington Irving.

There were also a selection of matching Rickshaw Pen sleeves available, which I believe are still available to purchase from Rickshaw Bags (at the time of this blog being published).

Take a look at our You Tube video for a closer look at this spectacular pen.