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Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks

Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks

Ross Adams |


To get the most out of your writing, fountain pen paper needs to be feather resistant and should not bleed. On suitable paper your writing won't show through the page too much so you can write on both sides, this will get the most out of your notebooks. A smooth writing page is ideal so your fountain pen can glide across the page with ease.

Paper often comes in one of two colours, bright white or ivory/off-white. You will also have the choice of blank pages, lined, grid or dot pages. Grid or dot paper is useful for drawing up tables, lines or boxes on your page. It's also helpful to keep your handwriting consistent and neat.

There are a big choice of paper sizes, not just A5 or A6. Rhodia have a huge selection of sizes on offer, even a shopping list sized notebook. Rhodia's notepads are ideal for everyday use and will fit in any pocket, bag, briefcase or holder. They are also very affordable.

Paper comes measured by GSM, this means grams per square metre and the higher the GSM the thicker the paper. 

80gsm and above is most suitable for fountain pens. Most of our notebooks and note pads are 80gsm or higher.