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Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Special Edition Fountain Pen

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What Pelikan says:

"This M120 will break new ground as the original only came in Green-Black.

The barrel of the forthcoming model appears to be done in a deep shade of blue with a matching transparent ink window. The section, piston knob, and cap match the barrel resulting in a monotone appearance that is none the less striking. The furniture is gold-plated with a single cap band and the traditional pelican’s beak clip. In keeping with its humble origins, you will not find additional trim rings adorning the body or section. The cap will sport the current single chick company logo and the nib will be gold-plated stainless steel.

Nib widths will come in the standard sizes of EF, F, M, and B. Just like the 2016 re-issue of the M120, the nib of the Iconic Blue will feature the same unique engraving that adorned the prior release. If you’ll recall, that engraving is purported to have been inspired by a bit of flourish taken from a historic Günther Wagner price list.

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