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Travelling with Fountain Pens

Travelling with Fountain Pens

Ross Adams |

Just because you are away from home it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy using your favourite pens. This handy blog will give you a few tips on how to safely travel with fountain pens.

Flying with fountain pens can potentially be problematic but if you take a few steps to protect them, leaks can be eliminated.

  • Fountain pens can be taken on aeroplanes but as they contain ink you will need to follow the current guidelines on hand luggage restrictions.
  • Following on from the last point, it is a must to keep your pens with you in your hand luggage when you fly, even better is to keep them with you in your seat. This way you can control how they are stored. So it's always best to keep them nib up, this way they are less likely to leak.
  • You may need to put your inked pens in a clear plastic bag for security check-in. This is also a good idea to contain any accidental leaks.
  • Never put your pens in your check-in luggage. Your bags end up getting thrown about everywhere. It is always best to keep them on you.
  • Because the air pressure changes when we go up and down in a plane it can cause any air bubbles in the ink to expand and push up the ink out of the nib and feed causing it to leak.
  • To stop this make sure the converter is as full as possible, eliminating the air bubbles. So fill up before you travel.
  • Make sure ink cartridges are full and fitted properly.
  • Store the pens nib up whenever you can. You could keep your pens in a pen case if you have one, this would ensure they are in the ideal position.
  • You can wrap your pens in some tissue to protect them and catch any spills.
  • During take-off and landing is when you will experience the biggest change in pressure. So keeping your pens upright at this point is most important. It is also best not to use them during these times. Once you have reached altitude you will be fine to enjoy using you pens.
  • If you do not need to use your pen during the flight you can empty your pen of ink before you fly. This will stop the chance of leaks altogether. You can take vials of ink to top up once you land. The Visconti Travelling Inkwell also allows you to fill up on the go.
  • You are able to take ink with you on your flight too. As long as it is within the hand luggage restrictions it can be taken onboard. It would be a good idea to tape up the bottle/vial caps and wrap them in some tissue to protect the ink and soak up and identify any potential ink spills.

Travelling by train, bus or car?

Air pressure doesn't really apply but it is a good idea to keep your pens nib up and possibly wrapped in some tissue and in a plastic bag just in case of any leaks. You wouldn't want to ruin the inside of your bag and belongings.


Many people travel with their fountain pens very frequently and never experience their pens leaking. Most modern fountain pens are built to cope with travel. 

So happy travel with your fountain pens.