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How to fill a Fountain Pen

How to fill a Fountain Pen

Ross Adams |

If you are new to fountain pens or switching from cartridge filled fountain pens you may have wondered how to fill up a pen with bottled ink. It is not a scary process and is actually quick and easy.

This short video will show you how to do this using a piston filled fountain pen.


If your pen has a converter the method of filling is very similar. You just need to remove the barrel of the pen by twisting it off from the grip section. Then just the same as twisting the end of the piston fountain pen you twist the end of the converter to draw up ink in the same way.

There are huge advantages to piston fill fountain pens and converters:

  • Your pen holds much more ink than a cartridge meaning having to fill up less often
  • There is less plastic waste in the used ink cartridges and most inks come in glass bottles
  • It's more cost effective to use bottled ink as ink cartridges are more expensive in the long run
  • The choice of bottled ink is endless! You have shimmer inks, sheening inks, scented ink as well as every shade imaginable that are not really available in cartridge form