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Famous People and Their Fountain Pens

Famous People and Their Fountain Pens

Ross Adams |

Many famous faces from the world of writing, entertainment and notable figures have been avid users of fountain pens. Lets take a look at some and their preferred pen of choice.

Walt Disney - During an inventory of his desk in 1970 a well used vintage Sheaffer Balance fountain pen was found.

Ernest Hemingway - The American novelist took a fondness for Montegrappa fountain pens whilst being stationed in Italy during the First World War.

Dylan Thomas - Welsh poet, known for And Death Shall Have No Dominion and Do Not Go Gentle Into The Good Night, often used a Parker 51 for his works.

Mark Twain - The novelist used his much loved Conklin, he was so impressed by the brand he became their spokesperson saying "I prefer it to ten other fountain pens because it carries its filler in its own stomach, and I cannot mislay by art or intention. also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver; it cannot roll off the desk".

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - He penned his later Sherlock novels with a Parker Duofold. Another fan of the Duofold is JK Rowling.

Stephen King - "The King of Novels", creator of hit crime novels It, Carrie and The Shining rediscovered a love for writing with a fountain pen in the form of a Waterman Hemisphere.

Neil Gaiman - He discovered the joy of writing with a fountain pen with the purchase of his first whist writing the novel Stardust. His favourite pen has become the Pilot Custom 823. His love for fountain pens has seen him using a  Lamy 2000 and TWSBI Diamond 580.

Anne Frank - It is said she used her favoured Montblanc Meisterstuck to pen her diary. She even wrote about the loss of her beloved pen, a gift from her Grandmother, which was accidently thrown in the fire.

Jane Austen - Although before the invention of the fountain pen, novelist Jane Austen used a quill dip pen with a blend of her own iron-gall ink and a special type of notebook with "quarter tanned sheep over boards sided with marble paper. The edges of the leaves (were) plain cut and sprinkled red."

Albert Einstein - Einstein had a love for his Pelikan 100N. He is thought to have researched The Theory of Relativity with a Waterman Taper-cap. This pen is now on show in the Boerhaave Museum in the Netherlands.

Queen Elizabeth II - Her favourite pen was a Parker 51, which she used throughout her life. She gave Parker a royal warrant in 1962. Another notable user of the Parker 51 is President Eisenhower.

Winston Churchill - He is know for using many a brand of fountain pen over the years however it is noted that during World War One he once wrote to his wife, "Send me a new Onoto pen. I have stupidly lost mine."

Simone de Beauvoir - An Esterbrook J and Sheaffer Snorkel Triumph fountain pens were well used by French author and philosopher. 

Kristen Stewart - The Twilight star is a huge pen collector. She was gifted a $46,000 Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen by fellow actor Robert Pattinson.

Emma Watson - The Harry Potter actor got through her university years with her trusty Parker fountain pens.

James Bond - The film Octopussy shows Bond given a Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen with the obligatory gadget functions. Again, in the 1995 Golden Eye film a Parker Jotter doubles as an explosive device.

Roger Moore - In an interview the actor admitted, "Pens. I have hundreds of them, all Montblanc."