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Pelikan Maki-e Range

Pelikan Maki-e Fountain Pen Phoenix

Ross Adams |

Maki-e is a Japanese lacquerware technique dating back 1,200 years. It requires the artist to paint intricate, detailed designs with the lacquer using a fine brush and then sprinkling, usually, gold power into it before it hardens. Maki-e translates to 'sprinkled picture'. It is a very time consuming process, where each piece is handmade, so therefore unique. 

The Pelikan Maki-e range are all handmade and each pen is limited to an often very small quantity. They are generally based on the size and shape of an M1000 fountain pen.

Below is a list of their releases:

 Ohka Shun-Cho (Spring) 2000
Asagoa Natsu-Botaru (Summer) 2000
Kohyou Suzu-Musi (Autumn) 2000
Yukiwas Fuyu-Usagi (Winter) 2000
Aoi No Ue - Genji Set 2002
Hikaru - Genji - Genji Set 2002
Mubyo (Health) 2002
Takara -Zukushi (Wealth) 2002
Dragon and Phoenix 2005
Heavenly Maidens of Dunhuang 2007
Karajishi Chinese Lion 2007
Sea World 2009
Renjishi 2010
Maiko in Kyoto 2010
Fireworks 2010
Four Leaf Clover 2011
Raden Gekko Moonlight 2010
Ginko and Maple Leaves 2012
Fuji and Cranes 2012
Fantasia 2013
Raden Kyokko Sunlight 2013
Koi 2015
Autumn Flowers 2015
Raden Sunrise Red 2016
Spring 2016
Autumn 2016
Dragonfly 2017
Raden Royal Gold 2017
Raden Royal Platinum 2018
Peacock 2018
Five Lucky Bats 2019
Japanese Umbrella 2019
Raden Green Ray 2020
Kingfisher 2020
Seven Treasures 2021
Raden White Ray 2021
Snow, Moon, Flowers 2022
Phoenix 2022