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Ethical Items

Ethical products are produced in a way which causes the least amount of harm to the environment - Shopping ethical is better for the environment and will help reduce global warming, pollution and toxics. Consuming ethically can also help improve conditions for animals in a number of ways, including less damage to their habitats. 

Below are some of the products we offer which are kinder to the environment or animals.



PU Leather Cases - These pen causes are made out of material that doesn't contain any animal products where alternatives would often include leather.


Rhodia - Notebooks have renewable sourced paper that has been ethically produced and has not been harmful to the environment. Produced in French Alps.


Diamine Ink - The majority of the ink bottles are made from glass, the ink is also produced in the United Kingdom, so they have lower carbon footprint than other brands. 


Tombow - They strive to develop, manufacture and market ecologically friendly products world-wide. Made in Japan.


Ohh Deer - Products are made actively putting the environment first. 


Memobottle - Committed to sourcing the most ethically and environmentally friendly packaging. The nature of the product also reduces the amount of single use plastic.


Ballograf - Produce friendly pens which convince with their environmental friendliness. Made in Sweden


Noodlers Fountain Pens - Their pens utilise non-plastic, plant based material for their barrels which is ultimately biodegradable. The nature of a refillable fountain open means it can also be kept for years and doesn't use single use ink cartridges.