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Charity Support & Advertising Screen

Pure Pens Advertising Screen

Since 2019 we have chosen a charity each quarter. We have supported the following charities since then, among others: Cardiac Risk in the Young, RNLI, Breast Cancer Now, Samaritans, The Woodland Trust, Scoliosis Association UK, Tenovus Cancer Care, The RSPB & The National Trust.


In the run up to Christmas in 2020, we decided to give 1% off the total order values for the busy Black Friday week to 3 charities, making 3% in total. There is a personal reason behind each one and in a year which has been challenging for most of us, we wanted to give something back to those who are giving their time to help others.


The Samaritans

Ross’ great auntie was a retired secondary school maths teacher and travelled the Mediterranean with her husband on their large sailing boat for years after retirement during the winter months to stay active and chase the sun and warmth! On returning back home each year she actively helped with the local Samaritans organisation in our home city of Newport and organised fundraisers included our own office 10k 'Survival of the Fittest' run a few years back.

Samaritans Sign Newport, River Usk

One of her initiatives was to arrange the placement of Samaritans contact information boards on a number of high level bridges in Newport, such as the dual carriageway flyover right outside our offices above the River Usk. The boards have offered help to those finding themselves in a position that they felt they had no other option but suicide by calling the Samaritans helpline on 116 123.

The changes to most people’s lives during 2020 has affected lots of people’s mental health and we wanted to lend support to a charity which aims to help those at their lowest and in most need to support. Very sadly, a neighbour of Ross’ took their own life in the early summer of 2020 in the wake of the Covid restrictions and effects. Any support we can offer to prevent this is a really worthwhile endeavor and we started to include leaflets in all UK orders with the Samaritans information it and made a contribution to the charity to help them continue their work.


The British Heart Foundation:

Ross’s uncle was an odd job man for the building and grounds of the Pure Pens offices for a number of years. Very sadly in the summer of 2019, he unexpectedly passed away aged only 58. He had 4 daughters and of one of 7 children himself. He had undiagnosed coronary artery disease and his doctors suggested his siblings get tested for it too. Ross’ Dad, Ray, is the youngest of the 7 siblings and was found to have it but had not symptoms. He had to have quite urgent surgery to fit a stent as the doctors said he was at severe risk of a cardiac arrest in the near future.


A cardiac nurse at the hospital suggested a genetic test for a condition called Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) which means the liver cannot deal with bad cholesterol making the levels in your bloodstream dangerously high. Over some years, and from birth, it will slowly block your arteries putting you at risk of early death from cardiac arrest. Generally, it will reduce your life expectancy by between 15 and 30 years. It can be treated with statins and, if discovered early enough, then a normal life expectancy can be enjoyed. Sadly, around 90% of people are never diagnosed. There are estimated to be around 250,000 people in the UK with it, so 225,000 don’t know it and are not getting the treatment they need. The British Heart foundation offer advice and guidance on FH and research funding for other heart conditions, which together are the biggest killer in the UK. Ray was found to have it and Ross is awaiting his blood test results to see if he also need the medication to treat it.

  BeKind Leaflets



2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. Being restricted from seeing loved ones for much of the year and also being restricted from many recreational activities has definitely affected most people's mental wellbeing.

Several people we know have struggled during 2020 with the changes to their lives and we know Mind have given support through their website, helplines and their ‘Side-by-Side’ online community.


Advertising Screen

In May 2020, we received planning permission to install a 32 square metre LED HD advertising screen on the side of our building, facing the M4 motorway in Newport, at the eastern side of the infamous Brynglas Tunnels.

The screen was installed at the beginning of August 2020 and is now up and running, displaying adverts to the 1.2m people who pass the screen each week in around 117,000 cars a day.


50% of the advertising space or ‘inventory’ has been kept by us to advertise ourselves and to promote local charities, local events and local sport, including Dragons Rugby, Glamorgan Cricket and Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey.


If you are local to us and are involved with a charity, sports team, educational or arts venue, please do get in touch to see if we can help promote you or your event -


We have recently advertised Ty Hafen, NSPCC, Time to Change & Chwarae Teg on the screen to raise awareness of their causes and campaigns.