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We are disappointed to announce that sales of Lamy pens & products are to be restricted to retailers with a presence on the high street after 1st February 2017. Unfortunately, as we are an online retailer, albeit one who has many visitors each week coming in person to purchase pens and inks from our shop in South Wales, we do not have a suitably upmarket, high street shop to be in keeping with Lamy's new policy.

For this reason, Lamy have decided that we cannot reorder from them. In fact, we feel they have been quite rude and bullying about it, asking us to only sell our remaining stocks in certain ways and to essentially throw away any items we have if they have not been sold by a certain date. They also threatened legal action to protect their brand if we for example sold any of our remaining pens on our Amazon or Ebay shops, even though at the point we bought those stocks, that was not against their rules.

We liken this to being sent a letter by the police to say you were caught speeding last year doing 68mph on the motorway, because this week they have decided to drop the speed limit from 70 to 60 even though at the time 'of the offence' it wasn't actually against the law. It's a basic principle of law (and common sense!) but this seems to be lost on Lamy.

We therefore are not able to offer new Lamy products, but we can suggest some alternatives below: