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Platinum - Pure Pens

Ross Adams |

One of Japan's oldest and most recognised fountain pen brands was founded by Shunichi Nakata in 1919. They started out as a catalogue order business before being formally established as 'Platinum Fountain Pen Company' in 1942.  Early on, they developed the 'A-Type' fountain pen mechanism before moving into the world of affordable, domestic pens.
Platinum were the first to produce a cartridge style fountain pen in 1957. A year later, this pen 'The Honest' was taken to the peak of Mount Everest to prove it would not leak.
The company went from strength to strength, opening factories in Mexico and Taiwan and establishing a sales company in New York.
In 1978 the famous #3776 model was launched, taking it's name from the height of Mount Fiji in Japan.

Today, Platinum still produce fine quality and affordable writing pieces, releasing new models and ideas every year, using traditional and modern techniques.  This makes them perfect for beginners or experienced fountain pen collectors and anyone in between.