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Esterbrook Custom Nib Program

Esterbrook Custom Nib Program

Ross Adams |

Esterbrook have announced a set of 4 custom ground nibs for the Estie range of fountain pens and we offer them with all barrel colours - you can read about the options here:

The Jounaler Nib by Gena Salorino of the Custom Nib Studio in Los Angeles has created the first edition

An apprentice to nibmeister John Mottishaw of Nibs.com for nearly four years, Gena’s nib work is derived from his style, but as she’s established Custom Nib Studio, her signature nibs have become well-known in the marketplace for her own trademark style and beautiful handmade quality.

In her own words, the custom nib Gena is grinding for Esterbrook is a “medium stub grind, based on the vintage Esterbrook 9314M nib. The idea is that it’s smooth and friendly enough for everyday use, gives your writing some flair, all without being too big for practical, everyday writing”.

This project allows users to get a custom nib grind on your pen before you receive it.


The Scribe Nib, crafted by New York based nibmeister Josh Lax.  

The Scribe is Josh’s take on an architect nib. Historically, this nib has been bespoke: cut for an individual, their writing style and how they hold the pen. To create this nib for a wider audience, Josh was given the task of cutting these nibs in masse, keeping the integrity of an architect, while avoiding any catch on the top or bottom as one writes with it. Aside from the challenge of the mechanics of the grind, Josh also aimed to bring a new aesthetic to his nib, taking inspiration from the Near East, rather than the more common architect nibs based on European and Far Eastern styles of writing.

In the depths of the Scriptorium, or writing place, the Scribe was employed to keep track of it all. Most of what we know about the history of this part of the world is because of them. Writing in Aramaic, the scribes were drafting with characters that had spiritual meaning.

And while they were often writing and copying the mundane, they were also responsible for religious and political manuscripts and for catering to the needs of the sultans as court calligraphers. Tughras, the signature of the sultans, were designed and executed by the scribes, each a complex commission. It is in these seals that we see the curves, movement and arching flourishes the scribes were so adept at.

The Scribe Nib is meant to capture these same elements and rhythms for the modern writer. It is a very specific nib that Josh has managed to make usable for everyone. It gives the writer the advantages of fine downstrokes and broad horizontal strokes and can also be used in reverse for additional variation. Whether you are looking to add more flair to your writing style, are looking for an architect without the need for a personal grind or want to expand your calligraphy skills this is an excellent addition to your collection or as a gift for someone to treasure in theirs.



The Needlepoint Nib by Kirk Speer

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching the latest addition to our custom nib line. In working with Kirk Speer of Pen Realm, we developed a needlepoint nib that's perfectly balanced for your Esterbrook. If you've not written with a needlepoint before, have no fear - we've put together a primer on what makes this grind a favourite for many fountain pen users.

 What is a Needlepoint Nib?

Have you ever written with an Extra Fine nib and thought that even that was too big for you? A Needlepoint may be your new best friend. As the name suggests, it is a super-fine grind that creates a sharp point on the nib. 

 Who would like a Needlepoint?

This grind is great for those who practice character writing (such as Kanji), or for those who simply have a smaller writing style in general, for artists who work in fine lines, and for notetaking. Academics, mathematicians, and scientists appreciate the fine nib for their own work as well.

 What Inks Flow Best for a Needlepoint?

Because of the super-fine point, really wet inks work great with a needlepoint. If you have inks that are gushers, the needlepoint acts to slow down the flow and lays less of the wet ink on the paper. It should be noted because it is so fine, a needlepoint is terrible for anything with shimmer in it as it will clog up the nib

 Other benefits of a Needlepoint Nib?

If you're into planners such as Hobonichi, you'll know that the small grids don't always accommodate for larger sized nibs. A needlepoint is a great way to have a controlled writing to fit more into a smaller space. 

And let's say you're not writing in one of your favourite planners, but on a cheap piece of printer paper. A needlepoint does really well on cheaper paper not specifically designed for fountain pens, given how controlled the ink flow is, which means less feathering and bleeding on the paper.


The Techno Nib by CY from Tokyo Station Pens

sterbrook’s newest custom grind nib is from CY of Tokyo Station Pens. CY is known globally as an expert nibmeister, and we are delighted that he’s lending his eye for style and technical craftsmanship to these Esterbrook nibs.

Esterbrook Techno Nib

The Techo Nib was designed to be an all-in-one nib to keep on-hand when you're away from your desk. With its line variation, it is great for journaling, sketching, writing, or however else you let your creativity flow.

Nib Features

  • Distinct line variations depending on angle at which pen is held
  • Thicker lines appear at lower angle
  • Thinner lines appear at higher angle
CY explains his Techo nib in the short video below