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Which is your Blackest Ink?

Which is your Blackest Ink?

Ross Adams |

We often get asked which is our blackest black ink by people on a quest to find the deepest, darkest, blackest shade of black ink!

So we have put together a blog with swatches of many of the black fountain pen inks we sell from a range of manufacturers so you don't have to. 

It is surprising how many different shades of black there are. Many have different undertones, some of blue, purple or green.

Ink brands tested included the blacks from Diamine, Pelikan, Waterman, Parker and Noodler's.

Top performers

Surprisingly it was a few brands that you may not jump towards that came out on top. TWSBI and Waterman are better known for their extensive ranges of fountain pens but they trumped the competition for the most intense shades of black. Diamine, with their range of over 200 inks were bound to have a place in the top, Onyx Black proved to be their darkest black.

Diamine's black fountain pen inks in comparison.

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All swatches were done on Wearingeul 200gsm swatch cards using a cotton bud and a glass dip pen.