Noodler's Speciality Inks

Noodler's Ink is a small manufacturer of fountain pen inks which are some unique characteristics.

The Bulletproof Series is Noodler's flagship range and is a ph neutral, non-corrosive fountain pen ink which is permanent when on paper. A chemical reaction takes place between the ink and an ingredient in paper to make it permanent. It is not permanent, however, on your hands, clothes and a desk. The inks are also resistant to water, UV light and chemicals and acids.

The V-Mail Series are a range of ink that are waterproof, but not Bulletproof. It is an historical type ink, reproducing the characteristics of what would have been described as permanent ink from the 1940s.

The Wardens Series are inks that include an extra feature to the Bulletproof and Waterproof ranges, that makes these inks forgery resitant.

The Bernanke Series are inks that are made to be fast drying and smudge resistant, so is most ideal for left handed writers. However, the inks are not waterproof or bulletproof.

The Eel Series are lubricating inks that ensures that your fountain pen can continue to flow and write as it should.