Noodler's Pens and Inks

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Noodler's Ink is a small American company run by Nathan Tardif in Southern Massachusetts, USA. The Noodler's Ink Co. is best known for their massive range of colours, the unique and largely hand drawn bottle label artwork and unique properties of their inks. Tardif is well known for his political views and historical knowledge, which often spills over into the names and labels of his inks. The name Noodler's comes from a technique of catching catfish by hand. Noodling involves wading into the water and feeling around for small crevasses and catching the catfish who have backed themselves inside by holding onto the outside edges of their open mouth.

Please note: Noodler's inks are very difficult to come by in Europe and we are often supplied with a range of colours which are only a selection of the full range. Please do let us know if there are any specific colours you are looking to get hold of and we will ask when we next make an order from Nathan Tardif of Noodler's