'Bulletproof' Series

20% off Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink when you purchase either Cross, Parker & Sheaffer Fountain Pens!

The Bulletproof Series is Noodler's flagship range and is a ph neutral, non-corrosive fountain pen ink which is permanent when on paper. A chemical reaction takes place between the ink and an ingredient in paper to make it permanent. It is not permanent, however, on your hands, clothes and a desk. The inks are also resistant to water, UV light and chemicals and acids.

Most of our stocked Noodler's Inks are in the GLASS bottle with a 3oz capacity (approx. 90ml in the metric system) We have Heart of Darkness and Nikita in the larger 4.5oz (approx. 130ml) bottle, but no stock in the 1oz sized bottle.

The Brexit, Monkey Hanger and Britannia's Blue Waves are currently exclusive to Pure Pens.

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