TWSBI Spare Nib Units

TWSBI Diamond Mini Spare Nib Unit

TWSBI Diamond Mini Spare Nib Unit
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Nib Width

Spare Nib Units for Diamond Mini fountain pens. Choices of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and a Stub 1.1mm. Will fit the previous generation 540 and 530 fountain pens. Quick and Simple changes between nibs.

A quick guide in choosing nib sizes:

If you have small handwriting, go for an Extra Fine nib.
For regular sized handwriting, go for the most popular sized nib - a Fine nib.
If you have large handwriting, then a Medium nib is ideal.
Broad nibs are for statements and for those who like to write extra large.
Stub 1.1mm nibs are Italic in writing style, so this will be perfect for those who want to write in birthday cards, invitation, for signatures etc.