Sailor 1911 Series

Sailor 1911 Realo Fountain Pen - Black

Sailor 1911 Realo Fountain Pen - Black
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Sailor's mission is to proudly maintain the long heritage they have built over 100 years of quality and technical excellence and perfection. Made exclusively in their own factory in Hiroshima, Japan, using the best quality materials available, Sailor's pens and inks are much loved and sought-after throughout the world.

The Sailor 1911 Realo is a large, piston fill fountain pen made from resin. Its cap is screw-fit, while the pen is adorned 24c gold-plated trim. It comes fitted with a fabulous quality, smooth 21c gold nib available in a choice of widths, from extra fine (which is very fine- much more so than the European standard), up to broad, including the unique zoom and music nibs.

The 1911 Realo is a piston-filled fountain pen only, so must be filled with bottled ink. It has a small ink-view window, measures 18mm in diameter and 141mm in length. Please allow an extra 3-5 days for delivery of this pen.

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