Rhodia Classic Head Stapled Notebooks

Rhodia Classic Head-Stapled Notebook - No. 8 (74mmx210mm)

Rhodia Classic Head-Stapled Notebook - No. 8 (74mmx210mm)
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Founded in Lyon in 1932, 'Papeteries Vérilhac fréres' was taken by brothers Henri and Robert Vérilhac across France and northern Africa. Their famous notepads with the Rhodia signature of two close fir trees were first produced in 1934. The logo symbolises the pair's brotherhood- the trees being native to the Rhone-Alpes region, home of the company.

The No.8 Head-Stapled Notebook measures 74mm x 210mm. It features a black or orange card cover with the famous Rhodia logo and is made up of 40 sheets of detachable excellent quality 8mm-lined or dot 80g Clairefontaine paper.