Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pens

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen - Nice Lilas

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Platinum is, along with Pilot and Sailor, one of the most recognised Japanese pen brands and was formed in 1919 by Syunchi Nakata. Their early years were spent producing high-quality fountain pens known for their spectacular flare. Yet their founder also pinpointed a need in the market, still fulfilled today, that fountain pens should also be affordable and manageable devices. That long-standing philosophy rings true throughout their diverse and unique range.

The #3776 Century celebrates Platinum's approaching centenary, and continues their tradition of technological innovation. Platinum Pens maintain the pleasure of writing and the use of fine writing instruments will always be evolving.

The innovative cap contains a unique 'slip & seal' mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. Meanwhile, it also boasts a redesigned nib and feed, regulating its ink flow.

The large nib itself is made from 14k gold. It takes ink cartridges or a converter (not included) for use with bottled ink, and measures 129.5mm in length and 15.4mm in diameter (at its widest point.)