Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Collection

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen - Silver with Rhodium Trim

Pilot Capless Fountain Pen - Silver with Rhodium Trim
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A modern-day household brand, Pilot have been manufacturing pens and stationery in Japan since 1918. Today, they are a global force and produce a range of writing instruments that can cost anywhere from pennies to hundreds of pounds. Whether you've happened to use a spare Pilot for your notes in the office, or you've sampled one of the high-end writing instruments, you will recall the versatile high-quality nature present throughout their range.

The Pilot Capless Trend fountain pens retain the great quality of the standard Capless, as well as the 18c gold nib (here fully plated to give a colour to match the pen's trim) and a barrel set in more modern, eye-catching colours.

A well-weighted fountain pen, the nib is operated by a click mechanism which sees it advanced or retracted into the body of the pen where a seal is closed behind it, preventing it from drying out.

It comes supplied with a removable piston converter for use with bottled ink, or Pilot IC-50 cartridges can be used of the simple cartridge swap method is preferred.

Please note, its medium nib is thinner than the European standard.