Pelikan Souveran Range

The Souveran range is the premiere range offered by Pelikan. The Souveran's beginnings can be traced back to 1950 with the release of the Pelikan M400, which soon became the most popular fountain pen in its price range.

Characterised by a simple yet bold and sleek finish, the Souveran has almost become an identifiable brand in itself. The barrels, unless in all black, feature delicate, hand-crafted striations in the signature colours of blue, green and red, along with special edition hues.

The range is numbered in size order, with the M1000 the largest and the M400 the smallest. Given the size of the M1000 however, even the M400 can fit comfortably in a larger hand. All Souverans are operated by Pelikan's famous differentiated piston-filling mechanism and come equipped with impressively decorated gold and rhodium nibs.