Pelikan M600/5 Fountain Pens

Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen - Black with Gold Trim

Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen -  Black with Gold Trim
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Pelikan's story originates in 1838 when chemist Carl Hornemann founded a small company to produce ink and water colours. Based out of Hanover, Germany, the Pelikan logo itself is borne from his family's coat of arms and is now synonymous with one of the oldest brands in Germany.

Pelikan are famed for their 1929 invention of the differentiated piston filling mechanism. In the following decades, the company established its international reputation for manufacturing high-quality, plush fountain pens.

The Pelikan M600 sits in the middle of Pelikan's range and utilises a 14c gold nib with rhodium decoration. It also features Pelikan's excellent piston filler mechanism and holds 1.75ml of ink (a standard short cartridge holds 0.75ml while a large cartridge holds 1.45ml.)

This is the classic all-black colour with 23c gold-plated trim. There is a small section (around 1cm) on the barrel of the pen which is transparent and tinted dark green which allows you to see how much ink is remaining in the pen. It weighs 18g, measures 13cm in length closed or 15.4cm posted.

It comes in a gift box and is accompanied by Pelikan's three-year warrantee.

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