KWZ have been manufacturing inks for fountain pens since 2012.

Konrad was a PhD student in chemistry and is the owner and founder of KWZ Inks. He developed his unique formulations of inks for his own use initially, but the inks quickly gained much interest from other pen enthusiasts from all over the world.

With the support of his wife - Agnieszka, a scientist in the chemistry field too, he created the KWZ Ink brand in January 2015 and is now happy to share the knowledge and true passion for writing with fountain pens.

KWZ Ink offers a wide range of inks of great quality and interesting properties, such as high saturation.

KWZ Grey Lux Ink
KWZ Grey Lux Ink 11.95
KWZ Blue Black Ink
KWZ Blue Black Ink 11.95
KWZ Azure #5 Ink
KWZ Azure #5 Ink 11.95
KWZ Azure #4 Ink
KWZ Azure #4 Ink 11.95
KWZ Turquoise Ink
KWZ Turquoise Ink 11.95
KWZ Gummiberry Ink
KWZ Gummiberry Ink 11.95
KWZ Grey Plum Ink
KWZ Grey Plum Ink 11.95
KWZ Green #3 Ink
KWZ Green #3 Ink 11.95
KWZ Foggy Green Ink
KWZ Foggy Green Ink 11.95
KWZ Green Gold Ink
KWZ Green Gold Ink 11.95
KWZ Old Gold Ink
KWZ Old Gold Ink 11.95
KWZ Honey Ink
KWZ Honey Ink 11.95
More Coming Soon
KWZ Cappuccino Ink
KWZ Cappuccino Ink 11.95
KWZ El Dorado Ink
KWZ El Dorado Ink 11.95
KWZ Orange Ink
KWZ Orange Ink 11.95
KWZ Grapefruit Ink
KWZ Grapefruit Ink 11.95
KWZ Flame Red Ink
KWZ Flame Red Ink 11.95
KWZ Thiefs Red Ink
KWZ Thiefs Red Ink 11.95
KWZ Cherry Ink
KWZ Cherry Ink 11.95
KWZ Maroon Ink
KWZ Maroon Ink 11.95
KWZ Brown Pink Ink
KWZ Brown Pink Ink 11.95