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J. Herbin Cleaning Solution Cartridges

J. Herbin Cleaning Solution Cartridges
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The origins of J.Herbin date back to 1670. At around this time the French sailor, of that name, produced his first ink in his Paris workshop, "The Ink of Ships." This ink was an iron gall ink, required to be waterproof due to the weather and wet conditions associated with sailing a ship.

The recipe may have been formulated for the ship's master on his trips back and forth to India; or when he settled down in Paris to first start producing his sealing wax. Perhaps another sailor made his way to J. Herbin's workshop and convinced him to produce a ship's ink.

The J. Herbin cleaning solution is suitable for modern and vintage fountain pens and rollerballs that take cartridges. This tin contains six cartridges of the solution, for use with cartridge-filled fountain pens.

To use the cleaning solution, place a cartridge into your pen and squeeze a few times to flush through the feed. Remove the cartridge and wash your pen through with clean water before use.