Faber-Castell Grip Ball Pens

Faber-Castell Grip Plus Ball Pen- Berry

Faber-Castell Grip Plus Ball Pen- Berry
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Faber-Castell are a German pencil, pen and accessory manufacturer with over 250 years' history. An iconic name in the art and writing industry, the company was initially founded in Stein, near Nuremberg by Casper Faber and his wife Maria and son Anton Wilhelm. The company remained a family business right through to seventh generation Count Roland von Faber-Castell who passed away in 1978.

Thanks to its ergonomic rubber grip zone, the mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen Grip Plus ensures hours of fatigue-free writing. The ballpoint pen is document-proof and refillable. It features a pushbutton mechanism and clip, with triangular rubber grip zone for secure, non-slip grip. Holds a document-proof standard large capacity refill (medium) in blue ink.