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Pen Engraving

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We are happy to say that we offer an in house engraving service for customers who buy a pen from us.

The fonts available can be seen above.
We have chosen three fonts which cover traditional, script type or modern depending on the pen and the recipient.

There are two types of metal pen engraving:
The above pen 'Beliar' is a black lacquered metal pen with BRASS under the lacquer. MOST pens have a brass barrel under the lacquer so PLEASE bear in mind that when engraved, the writing will be a brassy colour and this may NOT match the trim of the pen such as the clip which are often silver. We CANNOT change this.

If the pen is steel, the engraving will be subtle.

We can engrave on either the Right or Left side of the cap - this is for Right or Left Handed Writers. Imagine holding the pen in your hand and the text is correct way up and then swapping to the opposite hand, the text will flip upside down. This is why we need to select Right Handed or Left Handed.

Enter the text you would like engraved in the above text box (upto 15 characters).

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