Diamine Shimmer Inks

Diamine Shimmer Ink - Lilac Satin

Diamine Shimmer Ink - Lilac Satin
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Established in Liverpool, England in 1864, Diamine is one of the world's premier ink manufacturers. Since its inception, the company has continued to use the most traditional methods to ensure one of the highest of quality inks on the market. Given the quality of the ink, it is suitable for use in all brands of pen, both modern and vintage.

Notable individuals to have used Diamine ink include presidents Obama and Medvedev when signing 2010's nuclear arms treaty. With dozens of colours in its range, Diamine inks are water-based, acid-free and non-toxic.

The Shimmer is the newest range of Diamine inks, and sees the same top-quality ink filled with beautiful metallic flecks. New colours have been added, ensuring a wide spectrum of colour choices are available for all tastes.

Lilac Satin is a pure mid- purple shade well balanced by the silver flecks that run through it. Bottles are made of high-quality glass and are 50ml (1.76oz.)