Copic Ciao 72 Marker Sets

Copic Ciao 72 Pen Set B

Copic Ciao 72 Pen Set B
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Copic markers were first produced by the Too Corporation (formerly Izumiya) in Japan in response to designers' needs for photocopy-safe markers. The markers have become especially famous in their homeland for use in the Japanese art industry and manga comics in particular. These comics are illustrated with anime- like characters and rely heavily on hand drawings. Copic markers have played an instrumental role in the industry and as a result have become synonymous with art-aficionados throughout the world.

Copic Ciao markers come equipped with both a medium broad and super brush nib and are graphic artist-quality markers. They are suitable for Manga, illustration, and fine art, or just doodling! They are non-toxic and have safety caps. The Copic Ciao Marker Sets come in a variety of numbers with different colours, as pictured.

Equipped with both a medium broad and a super brush nib, Copic Ciao markers are graphic artist quality markers, available in many colour shades.

Suitable for Manga, illustration and fine art. Non-toxic with safety caps.