Copic Ciao 36 Marker Sets

Copic Ciao 36 Pen Set

Copic Ciao 36 Pen Set
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Copic markers were first produced by the Too Corporation (formerly Izumiya) in Japan in response to designers' needs for photocopy-safe markers. The markers have become especially famous in their homeland for use in the Japanese art industry and manga comics in particular. These comics are illustrated with anime- like characters and rely heavily on hand drawings. Copic markers have played an instrumental role in the industry and as a result have become synonymous with art-aficionados throughout the world.

Copic Ciao markers come equipped with both a medium broad and super brush nib and are graphic artist-quality markers. They are suitable for Manga, illustration, and fine art, or just doodling! They are non-toxic and have safety caps. The Copic Ciao Marker Sets come in a variety of numbers with different colours, as pictured.

Equipped with both a medium broad and a super brush nib, Copic Ciao markers are graphic artist quality markers, available in many colour shades.

Suitable for Manga, illustration and fine art. Non-toxic with safety caps.

Colours included:

E25 Caribe Cocoa
E40 Brick White
E41 Pearl White
E59 Walnut
E79 Cashew
C0 Cool Grey
C2 Cool Grey
W0 Warm Grey
W2 Warm Grey
BG13 Mint Green
BG72 Ice Ocean
B000 Pale Porcelain Blue
B18 Lapis Lazuli
B28 Royal Blue
B99 Agate
E000 Pale Fruit Pink
E15 Dark Suntan
E18 Copper
YR000 Silk
YR15 Pumpkin Yellow
Y000 Pale Yellow
Y35 Maize
YG09 Lettuce Green
YG17 Grass Green
G29 Pine Tree Green
G82 Spring Dim Green
BG000 Pale Aqua
BV000 Iridescent Mauve
BV25 Greyish Violet
V01 Heath
V05 Azelea
RV14 Begonia Pink
RV69 Peony
R000 Cherry White
R14 Light House
R81 Rose Pink