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Clairefontaine Age Bag Large Pencil Case - Tan

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Clairefontaine is a paper, envelope and notebook producer and was formed near Strasbourg, France in 1858. Named after the town they were based out of; the company initially took advantage of rags supplied by the local textile industry. They began production of envelopes in 1880 and later followed with their famous notebooks.

Today, the company are a world apart from that of its initial years, producing up to 165,000 tons of paper a year. Yet one thing remains a consistent- their quality. Renowned for their high-quality yet affordable paper, a Clairefontaine ream will most certainly display the scribblings of your favourite fountain pen fantastically.

This is a soft sheep leather pencil case. It is tube shaped with a 65mm diameter and is zip closing. The inside of the case is a suede.