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Great Gift Fountain Pen Idea!

So the TWSBI Eco is finally with us after months of anticipation and pictures being incrementally released of the designs and colours being proposed.

It is now available to buy in either Black or White and with a choice of nibs from Extra Fine to Broad and also a 1.1mm stub italic.

The pen is larger than I thought it would be which I think is good. I expected a thin and light pen but the fact it is a little chunkier and longer gives it a pleasantly surprising feeling of quality and of a pen which costs more than it actually does.

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Comparison

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Nib

The nib is the same physical size as the Mini and Classic, but in the Eco is does away with the threaded sleeve holding the nib and feed together. The barrel has been made as the sole holder of the feed and as in some other TWSBIs this nib holder and proved somewhat of a weak spot - this is therefore a very welcome amendment to the design. It is also quite nice to be able to see the fins of the ink feed through the grip section. The nib pushes in and if it is removed, will need to be put back in firmly and until it stops. If it is not pushed all the way in, it will not fill. The nib sits on a recess in the ink feeder when put together correctly.

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Nib Detail

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Nib Detail

The section is round but has a slight triangular shaping at the very end - this seems like a design feature rather than for an ergonomic reasons as I think you would have to hold the pen very close to the nib to be able to feel this triangulation (if that is a word!) I do not have the dexterity to hold it there (or my fingers are too fat!)

The section and barrel are now also one piece, again, this is a good aspect of the design. In an economical pen, the less parts and joins mean fewer things to go wrong. Simplicity is good.


The piston is positive and has a solid feel, as in other TWSBI models. I recently used a Pilot Heritage, and whilst a very nice pen, I am sure that the TWSBI's piston feels more robust. It is similar to the Pelikan piston, which I think is high praise as a real advocate of Pelikan.

The hexagonal cap and filler knob are nice design additions and break up what might otherwise feel like a plain design. The red TWSBI logo on the top of the cap is suitably crisp and again adds a little flair to the design. Most pens, certainly at this price, don't have anything on the cap end. The metal ring around the bottom of the cap does not house the screw thread on the Eco which is different to the Diamond and classic models. This change of design is also welcome as it drastically reduces the likelihood of any failure of the material at this point. Over tightening of the pen in the cap is prevented by an small internal sleeve for the grip section to butt up against, although the cap would have to be tightened considerably before this sleeve is touched - I would suggest that if you have got the cap to this point, you have done it up too tight!

TWSBI Eco Cap Logo

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A rubber O-ring sits around the end of the barrel at the point it steps from the thread to the barrel and gives a slight resistance to the capping of the pen and thus a reassuring feel. There is another O-ring at the opposite end for posting the cap. There is very little resistance when posting and no thread. The O-ring is the only thing holding the cap on, so it is a little lose and whilst it won't come off in normal use, it is possible to shake or knock it off.

Overall I am very impressed with the new pen. It is more substantial feeling than I imagined it would be and has an air of quality that I thought might be missing from TWSBI's entry level fountain pen. The nib writes smoothly and I had no issues with flow or filling.

We sold 75% of our first batch before they were even delivered to us and the remaining stocks are quickly disappearing. We are told that there will be a delay of around 3 weeks before the next batch of pens will be available from TWSBI, so if you are desperate to get your hands on one, don't delay or you might have to wait a little bit longer!

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