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Rhodia Rhodiarama Review

So I love the Rhodia notebooks... they come in a choice of sizes and designs and paper types (depending on the model) so I thought I would put together a review of them. In the past and throughout school, I used a range of papers in notepads and exercise books. I think I still have a few Legal pads left form University that were bought from a local big name stationery shop with a Red logo... made of staples. Which is so shockingly bad in paper quality that a pencil seems to feather and bleed through to the opposite side. This was pre-Rhodia. I also had accumulated a Moleskin notebook from somewhere, perhaps a gift from my sister who uses only them for notes and sketches. I never really took to the Moleskine as I have always used a fountain pen and they don't take too fondly to wet ink on their pages. They protesting by allowing the ink to seep through to the opposite page, rendering one half of the page unusable. Now we do sell Moleskine, but I do recommend it for people who make notes in ball pen or pencil. They have a cult following, but that does not make them the best quality on the market.

We could open a Rhodia shop!

Rhodia Notebook Review

I was first made aware of Rhodia by a customer who asked if we could get some. I forget now who it was but they were seeking an A5 Webbite Webnotebook. I was able to buy one from somewhere and hey presto, as always, the customer was right. The quality of the paper was frankly excellent and almost bleed and feather resistant. It was soft to the touch and made a slightly scratchy nib write perfectly. The cover was thicker than on my one rogue Moleskine and felt and looked much better quality. The elastic strap fitted better (it was tighter) and the embossing of the Rhodia logo was better. A few emails later and Niche Pens were a Rhodia shop. The positives about the Webbie still hold true a few years later and their range has expanded.

The newer Rhodiaramas add an extra bit of French flair to the humble notebook. The bright colours offer something for everyone regardless of age, gender or other politically correct variations. I like the Turquoise, Violet & Daffodil Yellow (I am Welsh after all) and it seems the customers like Poppy a little more than Daffodil - that's the wonder of offering 9 colours!

Rhodia Paper Quality... No show through!

Rhodia Rhodiarama Lining

Rhodia Rhodiarama Lining... Take 2

Rhodia Webbie Review

I am glad to say that we are also in the process of adding a new range of Rhodia items - they are using the Rhodiarama as the basis and extending their reach. They are A5 (and A6 later) card based, elastic closing cases to fit a paperback notebook inside. It will give protection from knocks and bumps and come in the same extremely soft, 'Italian' leather-like material in a range of colours with a nicely embossed Rhodia logo. Therefore, if you like the colours and feel of Rhodiarama but don't want the additional bulk or expense of the hardback, you can slip a smaller, cheaper Clairefontaine exercise book or Rhodia stapled head notepad inside instead!

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Notebooks in the colours of the rainbow!

Rhodia Notebooks

A little history....
The stationery firm 'Papeteries Vérilhac Frères' was founded in Lyon, France, in 1932 by two brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac.

The logo of two fir trees symbolises the company's who founding brothers. The logo was reportedly drawn spontaneously in a single stroke by Antonia, Henri's wife. The logo is the essence of the brand and locals in the Alpine area call Rhodia 'the brand with the two fir trees'
They came from a family of paper merchants and their market extended from France across all of North Africa.
At first they sold notebooks and stationery products, and then, in 1934, they started manufacturing and selling the Rhodia pads.

In 1997, Rhodia was bought by Clairefontaine. The production units were then grouped together near Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin,
France) and the Clairefontaine Rhodia company was born.

Rhodia Notepads

Rhodia Notebooks Features

The Rhodia notepad was very avant-garde when it was created in 1934 and instantly overshadowed exisiting notepads because of the quality of the materials, its original and innovative design (highly resistant, scored front cover) and it's unique inimitable orange colour.

Irreproachable quality and finishes that are based on a long history of stationery expertise.
Inventiveness and technical innovations - a perfectly waterproof and flexible card cover, which is scored to fold. 'SANGRIF' head staples,
a stiff back cover, micro-perforated, removable sheets.

A strong focus on aesthetics and a pioneering 'orange & black' color scheme that plays on the obvious complementarity of these two
colors to reflect dynamism and elegance.

All these high standards have forged the Rhodia pad’s 'certificate of authenticity', creating a product that is both stylish
and contemporary.