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More Than Just Pens

Okay, admittedly we are almost exclusively a pen retailer, but you do have to admit that pens would be just that little less useful without one important companion - paper! That's why, aside from pens of all shapes and sizes, we pride ourselves on the huge range of notepads and writing paper that we offer.

We have plenty in stock here. at Pure Pens, and give you a little idea of what to buy if you need any inspiration.

Firstly, however...

If you're on the hunt for the perfect writing paper for writing to your loved ones over the festive period, then you may be wondering what is the best for the pen you use and your favourite ink?

In the first instance, it's important to realise that there is more to fine quality paper than just its thickness or gsm. So, when browsing through our notebook ideas here, be sure to bear in mind the following:

Paper colour: The most common writing paper is indeed bright white, but many of us do enjoy using a more traditional-looking cream. This is certainly down to preference, but do remember that if you want the true colour of your ink to be displayed, then a bright white sheet may be the best bet.

Bleed-through: Bleed-through can occur if the paper is either too thin or too absorbent, so while you may believe it just occurs with cheaper paper, it can also be a symptom of high-quality paper that is conducive to quicker drying times.

Dry time: As mentioned, if you want a quick-drying paper to prevent smudges when turning pages, then you may have to pick a paper that's more likely to witness bleed-through. Picking a quick-drying ink is probably the best solution.

Feathering: A large contributing factor towards whether you experience feathering while using your fountain pen is the type of ink you're using. In a similar vain to how quick drying paper may encourage bleed-through, quick-drying inks tend to be associated with higher levels of feathering as it is of a consistency that finds its way through the pores in the paper surface.

Finish to the paper: Generally, the smoother the paper, the better the impression of your ink against the page. The trade-off for this is you may find it takes a little longer for you ink to dry. It's also less conducive to shading inks. However, without a doubt, the smoother the paper, the better the overall writing experience.

Here are some generally great quality notebooks!

Get an equally superior fountain pen for your paper!

To achieve the ultimate quality of written line, ideally, you'll want a great fountain pen in conjunction with good paper, so Here are some of our favourites!