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How To Spot A Fake Mont Blanc

A recent addition to our Pure Pens range is our line of used Montblanc pens. Our primary motive for this was that many of our pen customers have a selection of pens and Montblanc is one of the best known makes of pens available with a historic reputation of great quality pens. We have discovered the great number of fake pens available across auction sites and hearing of individuals spending hundreds of pounds on what they thought was authentic.

It's relatively easy for experienced pen specialists like ourselves to spot the giveaways that signpost a non-genuine article. Yet, especially prior to Christmas, many people will be looking online for a special gift for a loved one and could be tempted in to buying what looks like a well-priced Montblanc.

Unless you're well informed of what to look out for, you could be parting with a significant chunk of money for something that in reality is barely worth a few pounds.

To avoid the inevitable disappointment that will accompany receiving a counterfeit Montblanc, here are a number of things to consider and look out for:

Before Purchasing

1. Ensure you are buying from a website where you are covered for returns, should you unwittingly purchase a counterfeit Mont Blanc.

2. Check the rating and history of a seller. If they have only a small number of feedback ratings or negative feedback, the chances are they're not to be trusted. If using eBay, have a look at what other items have been sold. If the person is not a specialist pen shop and has more than a couple Mont Blancs sold it is unlikely to be genuine.

3. Is the price realistic? Check the prices listed by Mont Blanc and a used pen shouldn't be too far below that price tag. If you're unsure, have a look at our used Montblanc range to see the general price range of the pen you're looking at. The age-old adage stands true here - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4.Some people have contacted sellers to ask if they have more pens available to buy. This is a clever way to see whether they have bulk amounts of the pen. If a seller responds and says they have plenty, be wary. Most genuine sellers, other than distributors, will only have a small number available due to the cost of the item.

Once You Have The Pen

1. Compare how the pen looks to the original images on the Mont Blanc website. If it doesn't 'feel right' or 'look right', the chances are it isn't right!

2. Remember that Mont Blanc pens are high quality and so they will have smooth edges, consistent gold plating on trim and a good weight to them. If the pen feels like it has some rough edges on trim or the inside of the cap, this is normally a giveaway that the pen isn't genuine. Also, counterfeit pens are generally light. If you are surprised by how light it is, that's not a good sign.

3. What has the pen come packaged in? A genuine Montblanc will come in a high-quality presentation box with genuine guarantee. One counterfeit pen we examined came in a box with some quite poor-quality printing of the Montblanc logo on the inner side of the case lid, poor quality adhesive on the joining section of the box, and a generally rough finish to the material. Note the overall quality and feel of the box in general.

4. Check the serial number. The pen we saw had the same serial number printed on other fakes displayed on YouTube. Check the serial number is unique- it is usually listed on the trimming of the clip attachment or under the clip itself. Is the engraving crisp and of good quality?

5. Does the engraving of the Montblanc logo on the pen's trimming look genuine? A big giveaway of counterfeits is their shallow engraving. Similarly, the edges may be rougher and any pattern within the letters (such as diagonal lines) inconsistent.

6. You may notice signs of abrasion on the resin around the pen's trimmings, or slight gaps and loosely fitted bands.

7. Does the pen post properly? You should always be able to post your Montblanc while writing. If the lid does not fit the end of the pen, it is most likely a fake.

8. If you have purchased a fountain pen, any counterfeiter is likely to fall down on their nib quality. Check the tines are well aligned and whether the width of the stroke matches the nib's description. Also ensure that the engraving on the nib looks good quality. A counterfeit nib may have poorly engraved lettering, and if a two-tone (silver/ gold) nib may appear to have been painted as opposed to constructed with two different metals.

9. How does it write? A pen that costs several hundred pounds should feel a lot more pleasurable to write with than a standard pen. A fake Montblanc may skip when writing, or not feel as smooth as you may expect.

Our Used Mont Blanc Range

The best way to protect yourself from buying a fake pen is to buy one from a reputable retailer. While they may be a little more expensive, if you are purchasing a used Montblanc for instance, the price difference may be very little, and at least in return you will get peace of mind.

Take a look at our used Montblanc range, which tends to be small and hand picked to ensure quality, where you can be sure you are getting the best this manufacturer has to offer.

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