Used Mont Blanc Pens

Second Hand Mont Blanc Pens

We offer a selection of second hand Mont Blanc Pens which are genuine, generally in excellent condition and for a reduced price from the new cost.

Check back soon to see our selection as they don't tend to last long.

Mont Blanc Pen Refills

If you are looking for refills for your Mont Blanc pen, check out our comprehensive selection of compatible refills from other companies, for much less than the branded refills.

Don't worry that they are compromised in quality - the ball pen and rollerball refills are made in Switzerland and the fountain pen ink we suggest is either British or German made too.

See the full range of refills HERE

Alternatives to Mont Blanc Pens

Mont Blanc certainly seem to be the most well-known luxury brand of pens, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are the best. If you are a pen aficionado, you may be inclined to look elsewhere for the highest quality and we have some suggestions below which offer similar or superior quality, generally for less cost than an equivalent Mont Blanc.